Savannah J. Goins

Meet HLWW Guest Author:

Savannah J. Goins

We know you write Fantasy, but have you dabbled in other genres?

I have one good idea for a contemporary romance and one for a sci-fi. I hope I will get to write them one day! I think I probably will, but I need to get more of my fantasy ideas written first.

Why are you passionate about NaNoWriMo?

I’m passionate about NaNoWriMo for many reasons! Perhaps most especially because of the community it helped me to find. I’ve always been shy and more inclined to keep to myself than go out of my way to make new friends. But meeting the local NaNoWriMo crowd a few years ago literally changed my life. I finally found my people. These lovely writerly nerds who get it. I have many close friends from this group, and we meet once or twice weekly all year round. November is perhaps my favorite time of year because the community is even more alive and widespread, both online and locally. I’ve participated since 2016 and wrote my second, third, fifth, and sixth novels during NaNo subsequently. I’ve won every year except one! 

What is the biggest challenge you think women face in writing and publishing today?

It’s wonderful how far women have come in publishing in recent decades. I am so grateful to the women in publishing and in life in general who came before me to pave the way for women of my generation to have the freedom to get an education and to write books. I think the most important thing for women and really anyone in publishing is to find community. No matter what stage of the publishing process you are in, there are loads of discouragements. And a community of people going through the same struggles and rising above them is the best place for us to put ourselves. 

Give us your best “quick tip” when it comes to publishing.

When it comes to writing, my best tip is to keep going and never give up, even when it feels like you’ll never make it. But for publishing, I would recommend two things most highly: 1) Check out AuthorTube (YouTube videos by authors about writing and publishing) and 2) network. Find other local writers and/or writers online. Find writers to swap manuscript critiques with so you can learn and improve and have friends who get it and can lift you up when you are down in the dumps.

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