Melissa Colasanti

Melissa Colasanti is a mother and an author. She has a BFA in fiction from Boise State University. Her writing has appeared in Lithub, Memoir Magazine, The Coffin Bell Journal and others. She is a member of ITW and was awarded the Stephen R. Kustra Fellowship for creative writing in 2019, and the Glenn Balch Award for fiction in 2020. Her debut thriller, Call Me Elizabeth Lark will be released in March 2021.

Meet HLWW Guest Author:

Melissa Colasanti

What is the biggest lesson you learned while writing Call Me Elizabeth Lark?

Revision, revision, revision. The magic happens in tearing a book apart structurally sometimes. I am indebted to my wonderful editor, because she taught me so much about revising a novel.

Who or what is an influential author or book that you turn to when you need inspiration?

There are so many. I’m a big fan of Ruth Ware and Lianne Moriarty, Kimberly Belle, Megan Collins, Vanessa Lillie, Wendy Heard, Daniela Petrova and many others. 

What’s your favorite writing snack or drink?


What is a challenge you feel women who write suspense novels face when promoting and marketing?

I feel that we are expected to write only likeable female protagonists. I prefer to write imperfect women, with flaws and complexity, who are not always perfect parents, who might be selfish sometimes. With suspense/ family drama in general, it’s always a balance between getting a good twist in and keeping true to the kind of characters and family dynamics I want to achieve. 

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