Megan Blaising, author “Blunts, Bullets, and Belligerence”

Meet HLWW Guest Author:

Megan Blaising

Why was it important for you to write, “Blunts, Bullets, and Belligerence: A Memoir Remembering the Students that America Forgot”?

It is relentlessly tiring to watch the misrepresentation of marginalized communities in the media and entertainment. Moreover, many of these outlets depict lower-preforming schools, and those they serve, in ways that are vastly inaccurate. In essence, they do not shed light on the human rather on the stereotypes that are obscenely perpetuated among society. That said, I felt it was important to provide an authentic unfiltered lens into the reality of the students and the communities-at-large.

How has growing up in Indianapolis shaped you as an author?

Indianapolis is a special city – nearly a big city and small town wrapped in one. Subsequently, Indianapolis plays a significant role in how I perceive my topics. These two unique characteristics force me to think three-dimensionally about social challenges and their intersectionality. Thus, providing me the learned ability to write in a very genuine manner.

What do you believe is the biggest impact women have had (thus far) on the writing industry?

Thus far – I believe the biggest impact women have had on the writing industry is the moment someone finally said, “I don’t give a shit” and started being brave enough to tell their truths – our truths – without worrying about the reactions. I notice that some of the boldest, strongest, most fierce women are those who speak their truth no matter what – and I love it.

If you could tell your readers one message, what would it be?

I would remind them that we have one very short life here on earth. Specifically, I would encourage women to not constrict themselves based on the hypocritical, stringent and outdated ideologies that supposedly illustrate what a woman should be or look like. We lose the moment we bind ourselves to others’ opinions – particularly when most of the ideas surrounding what it means to be and look like a woman derived from a man. I encourage women to own their purpose and live the life they want to live the best way they can.

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