Meet HLWW Guest Author:

Kris Clink

What is the best part of being a women’s fiction author?

I believe the heart of women’s fiction is the genre’s focus on relationships and character growth, so having the opportunity to create complicated people and situations is incredibly fun! Providing entertaining novels that make readers feel understood and provide hope is the best job ever!  

What is your favorite writing snack/drink?

Water with Mio berry drops, gummy bears, Starburst candies, and popcorn.

Who is one woman writer you recommend everyone support/read?

Reading a Kristan Higgins’ novel makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a warm hug.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a woman on a writing journey?

 I have two:  1) I spent a lot of time regretting not starting sooner, but time has shown me the value of that time. Life experience gave me a foundation to write about my characters’ relationships. Writing is hard, and life is short; and, 2) Find your tribe–even if it’s only a tribe of two. The writing community will have your back. They’ll pat your back (even virtually) when you’re down, and they’ll celebrate your successes, and when you find your people, pay it forward.

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