Leah Holbrook Sackett

Heartland Connection: I was born and have remained in St. Louis, Mo.

Leah Holbrook Sackett is a short story writer. Her debut book, Swimming Middle River, was published with REaD Lips Press in 2020. It is available on Amazon and in select bookstores. Additionally, her short story, The Family Blend, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize with Crack the Spine. Leah’s work has won various awards such as: the Gold Award in Art Ascent, Two Sisters Publishing Contest, and she was the  recipient of Institute for Women and Gender Studies: Creative Writing Award.

Over 50 of Leah’s stories have appeared in literary journals. She is an adjunct lecturer in the English department and the Communication & Media department at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. This is where she earned her M.F.A. Leah’s short stories explore journeys toward autonomy and the boundaries placed on the individual by society, family, and self. 

Learn more about her published fiction at LeahHolbrookSackett.website

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Nina Fosati

Heartland Connection: I spent a year as a costume designer in Sioux City, Iowa.

Nina lives with her husband in Eden, which is aptly known as the “The Garden of Western New York.” Her two flufftastic cats rule the house. The Honorable Cattington von Fluffypants is a majestic Maine Coon, and Squeaks is an affectionate tuxedo who routinely reminds Nina to take breaks by stretching across her keyboard. Nina loves portraiture and historic clothing. Beguiled, she regularly posts her favorites on Twitter @NinaFosati.

Recent work has appeared in JMWW Journal, Nightingale + Sparrow, Oye Drum Magazine, Ellipsis Zine, and Disabled Voices Anthology.

Her website is www.NinaFosati.com

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Melody Heald

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Melody has been writing all of her life. Reading and writing are her passions and she aspires to have a career that involves writing. Her featured poem personifies the freedom she has sought during her life-long battle with depression.

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Phyllis Greenberg Houseman

Heartland Connection: I lived and worked in Detroit for over 35 years.

Phyllis Houseman was born in Detroit and received a B.S. from the University of Michigan and her Master of Science Education from Wayne State University. She served in the Peace Corps, Ecuador, and then taught Biology and Physical Science in Detroit and California schools. Phyllis has published award winning novels and short stories.

Visit her Amazon Author Page

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