Marjie Giffin

Heartland Connection: Lifelong resident of Indiana, educated in the Midwest.

Marjie Giffin is a Midwestern writer who has authored four regional histories and whose poetry has appeared in Snapdragon, Poetry Quarterly, Flying Island, The Kurt Vonnegut Literary Journal, The Saint Katherine Review, The Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, Through the Sycamores, The Blue Heron Review, Tipton Poetry Journal, and the anthologies The Lives We Have Live(d) and What Was and What Will Be. Her first chapbook, Touring, was just published. She is active in the Indiana Writers Center and has taught both college writing and gifted education.

Connect with her on Instagram and find her work here.

Kim Bundy

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Kim Bundy works at an academic medical center in Nashville, Tennessee. Her short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Louisville Review, Halfway Down the Stairs, and Village Square. She recently completed an uplifting, humorous middle-grade neighborhood adventure novel set in the summer of 1971.

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Esty Loveing-Downes

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Esty Loveing-Downes lives in Florida where she drinks too much coffee and rants about purity culture toxicity. Her words can be found in West Trestle Review, Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities, Survivor Lit, and the Santa Clara Review or on Twitter at @estywrites.

Find more of her work at

*CW: language

Roseline Mgbodichinma

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Roseline Mgbodichinma is a Nigerian writer, blogger and poet whose works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Hellebore press, Serotonin poetry, Down River Road, Blue Marble Review, West Trestle Review, Kalahari Review, X-ray lit mag, Native skin and elsewhere. She is a poetry mentor & Alumna at SprinNG. An NF2W scholar in poetry and a fiction contributing editor for Barren magazine.

She won the audience favourite award for the Union Bank Campus Writing Challenge – Okada books. She is the third prize winner for the PIN food poetry contest.

Find her on her blog.

*CW: sexual harassment, gaslighting

DeMaris Gaunt

Heartland Connection: Indiana born and raised!

Though stained glass is her first love, DeMaris Gaunt is an eclectic artist. In addition to mosaic mirrors, stained glass window art and three-dimensional glass sculptures, she works with wood as a canvas for her abstract drawings and designs, plus she makes a variety of jewelry using glass, wood, and even recycled plastic milk jugs.

“I love leather, too,” she says. “I’ve made hats, purses and pouches from recycled leather.” She’s also a poet and has written a novel, Two Doors.

Visit her on Instagram and check out more of her work here.

Halle Preneta

Heartland Connection: I’ve lived in the Midwest region my whole life!

Halle (she/her) enjoys writing short romance, sci-fi, and horror stories along with poetry and gets her ideas from random life experiences and fanfiction. When she’s not writing, she’s either watching YouTube or playing Animal Crossing. She also enjoys theatre, music, and petting her cat and is very passionate about social justice and human rights, especially LGBTQ+ rights. She’s had works published in various literary magazines such as The Hearth Magazine, Write Now Lit, and Tealight Press and her debut chapbook “<3” is currently out with Alien Buddha Press.

Her Twitter handle is @YaTheatreNerd and you can check out more of her work here.

Charlotte Reed

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Charlotte Reed is a second year student at Queen’s University Belfast, originally from Washington in England. Despite studying Chemistry she is heavily involved in the writing society at her university, being the Public Relations Officer and therefore part of the committee. She writes about gender presentation and what it means to be a woman in her poetry. She’s previously been published in Inertia Teens first issue, Feelings.

Jen Pendragon

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Jen Pendragon is a freelance writer, and a mom to twin toddlers. She is married to her middle school sweetheart.
Jen has seen the Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’ over 40 times, and she applies that same enthusiasm to most things that grab her interest.
Her novels are about angry, magical women and the things they’re angry about. During her time as an entertainment journalist, she wrote for online outlets as varied as Graphic Policy, Mugglenet, CityDog Baltimore, and Insight Telehealth. Jen has a YouTube channel where she discusses writing, social justice, parenthood, and her unironic love of Riverdale. She has recently gotten very into Cheers.
Jen is a voracious reader. She would like to remind you that reading is reading regardless of the book’s format. Her recent five star reads include ‘Cemetery Boys’, ‘Red, White, and Royal Blue’, and ‘Jo and Laurie’. If she had free time, she’d use it to play more Stardew Valley. Jen would like to thank Heartland Society of Women’s Writers, Paperbacks and Co, and London Writer’s Salon for providing virtual space for her to get writing done, even with toddlers who wake up every day and choose chaos.

Find Jen on social media.

* TW: cigarette use

Gabrielle Hamel

Heartland Connection: Former Social Media & Publication Intern with the Heartland Society.

Gabrielle Hamel is an English Literature student studying at Western Connecticut State University, whose passion is writing poetry that embodies the experience of being a woman growing up in the twenty-first century. Any time she does not spend writing is spent with her dogs, family, and closest friends. Her dream is to publish her own volume of poetry and to begin writing novels of her own.

* TW: sexual assault

Christie Cochrell

Heartland Connection: My mother’s family is from Wisconsin.

Christie Cochrell’s work has been published by The First Line, Minerva Rising, Catamaran, Amarillo Bay, Cumberland River Review, Tin House, and a variety of others, and has won several awards and been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize. Chosen as New Mexico Young Poet of the Year while growing up in Santa Fe, she’s recently published a volume of collected poems, Contagious Magic. She lives by the ocean in Santa Cruz, California—too often lured away from her writing by otters, pelicans, and seaside walks.

Visit her blog.

Rae Mosher

Heartland Connection: Both of Rae’s parents hail from Ohio, so many summers have been spent visiting Hamilton, Hueston Woods, Perrysburg, Lima, and Cedar Point.

Rae Mosher spent her childhood in the Bay Area of California, but has lived most of her life in Chapel Hill, NC, and therefore counts as a Southerner now. She grew up in the restaurant business, and while she was a Secondary English teacher for over a decade, she now runs her family’s burrito joint, which surprisingly gives her more time to write and spend time with family. She lives in Carrboro, NC with her husband and two kiddos.

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Kelli Heil

Heartland Connection: Born and raised in Indiana! I’ve lived everywhere from Evansville up to Fort Wayne. I currently reside in the Bloomington area.

Kelli Heil is an author, artist and mother. She paints everyday, even if some of those days call for just a black dot on a canvas. Coffee, reading and traveling are her most favorite pastimes. You’ll also find her talking about Halloween and pumpkins throughout most of the year.

Follow her on Instagram or discover her coffee and bookish works on Etsy.

Pat Morris

Heartland Connection: 10 years living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pat Morris is a semi-retired journalist who has worked for academic and news organizations in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina and the US Virgin Islands. She currently is living in Florida where she is indulging herself by writing fiction and creating with fabric.

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Dr. Manjusha Hari

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Dr. Manjusha Hari resides in Kerala, India. She is a poet and teacher. She had published two poetry collections in her mother tongue and she contributed her poem in three English anthologies. She loves to read and write.

Find her on Instagram.

Debbie Hewson

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Debbie Hewson is 57 and lives in Dorset with her husband. She retired last year to move away from London and the business she had run for years, to enjoy a different life. Debbie enjoys writing, reading, and is currently restoring a three hundred year old house, which is fighting her every step of the way. Before starting her own business, she worked in medical recruitment, working mostly with care homes, and before that she worked in catering, as a legal secretary, in various sales related jobs, and was a full-time mum for several years.

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Bianca Marie Nery

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Bianca Marie Nery is a Filipino writer and poet. She started writing at the age of thirteen and was previously involved in campus journalism before turning to poetry. Her first book, “Letters From Quarantine”, written under the name B.M. Nery, has been published by Ukiyoto Publishing. She currently lives in the Philippines with her family and two dogs.

Find her on Twitter or Instagram, and read more of her work.

Jill Robinson

Heartland Connection: Jill is a farmer’s daughter from Illinois.

Jill Robinson is a wife, mother of two, athlete, speech-language pathologist and lover of all animals. She loves the outdoors and singing off key in the car. Writing brings her peace.

Find her on Twitter, Instagram, and read more of her work.

Adele O’Grady Botticelli

Heartland Connection: My first nephew was born in South Bend, Indiana where I helped my sister in her first weeks of motherhood. I was elected President of AASH, a national alumae/a association in Chicago. I love the Midwest, especially the hospitality!

Adele O’Grady Botticelli graduated University of Limerick from the MA Creative Writing with a First in 2018. Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. Her current portfolio includes an original screenplay, IT’S A MAN’S WORLD which placed in the “next 100” of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a musical book adaptation of TOPPER. Adele has completed a full collection of short stories set on an imaginary island. She is now working on her first novel as well as a new screenplay.

Adele celebrates her Irish heritage through her writing and education. She supports the Irish Arts Center, the Irish Repertory Theatre and the American-Irish Historical Society in New York. Her engagement with these cultural organizations provides Adele with a critical link to Ireland’s creative communities and serves as an ongoing inspiration that energizes all of her artistic works.

Find her on Twitter.

Mary Maeve McGeorge

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Mary Maeve McGeorge’s stories have been acknowledged for awby Writer’s Digest and Tulip Tree Publishing, as well as accepted for publication in literary journals such as Sunlight Press and Brown Bag. A graduate of Santa Clara University, she was named the 2017 Canterbury Scholar, a prestigious fellowship allowing her to dedicate the entirety of her senior year to write and edit her first novel with the guidance of author Michael S. Malone.

Find her on Twitter.

*TW: assault, stalking

Tara Foor

Heartland Connection: I was born in Ohio, but my family moved to the American Southwest when I was a kid. I returned to the Heartland for college (Boiler Up!) and have been here ever since.

Tara Foor reads a lot. Like, seriously. As a librarian in Indianapolis you can often find her encouraging others to pursue great stories within the pages of a book, but now she’s gathered the courage to write her own. It’s weird… but fun!

Find her on Twitter.

Noeme Grace C Tabor-Farjani

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Noeme Grace C. Tabor-Farjani has authored Letters from Libya: Memoirs-in-Letters (2018) which chronicled her family’s escape from the Second Libyan Civil War in 2014. A featured writer at the digital exhibits of The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture and Floresta Magazineher works have been published in Your Dream Journal (US), Global Poemic (India), LunaLuna (US), Fahmidan (Kuwait), 433 Magazine (US), Milly Magazine (New Zealand), Rogue Agent (US), Cicada Magazine (Hong Kong/Japan), Harpy Hybrid Review (US) The Font: A Literary Journal for Language Teachers (Australia), Eunoia Review (Singapore), and forthcoming from Dreich Press (Scotland), Cobra Milk (US), and Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine (Hong Kong).

She previously taught translation, children’s literature, and drama at Capitol University where she defended her PhD dissertation on Flow Theory in creative writing pedagogy. She currently teaches humanities at St. Mary’s School in the southern Philippines, and is working on a collection of poems on spirituality and the body. She has recently served as guest author for a morning show in GMA Regional TV

Find her on Facebook and on her YouTube channel.

Other link:

Elizabeth Glass

2021 Short Story Writing Contest 1st Runner-Up

Heartland Connection: Yes. I have lived in Louisville, Kentucky almost my whole life, except for two years in Ohio. Louisville is a mixture of southern and midwestern culture. It is often called the “Gateway to the South,” but that also makes it the “Gateway to the Midwest.”

Elizabeth Glass is a PhD candidate in Humanities at the University of Louisville. She has received an Emerging Artist Award in Nonfiction from the Kentucky Arts Council and a grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Redivider, River Teeth’s “Beautiful Things” series, and Appalachian Heritage. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

You can find Elizabeth on Twitter.

Read Elizabeth’s 1st place runner-up piece, Family From Boise

Lorrie Morales

2021 Short Story Writing Contest 2nd Runner-Up

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society

Lorrie Morales is a semi-retired teacher who fell in love with writing, reading and teaching at a young age. To this day, she continues to teach as a Contractor of Instructional Design for Learning, reads a plethora of books on all subjects and genres and has just published her first book and working on her next one. Lorrie also enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends and enjoying the blessings life has to offer.

You can find Lorrie on Instagram or visit her website.

Read Lorrie’s 2nd place runner-up piece, The Little Black Book

Megan Cannella

Heartland Connection: I lived in Illinois for over 25 years before moving to Nevada.

Megan Cannella (she/her) is a Midwestern transplant currently living in Nevada. Her debut chapbook, Confrontational Crotch and Other Real Housewives Musings, is out now and available at She is an editor at Versification.

You can find Megan on Twitter.

Sara E. Belanger

2021 Short Story Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society

Sara E. Belanger is a fantasy author. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her fiancé, son, and two dogs. Her novel, Imaginary Demons, was published in 2011 and she is currently working on other untold stories.

Catch up with Sara on her website or socials.

Read Sara’s grand prize winning piece, Fly High

Becca Downs

Heartland Connection: Becca is a born and raised Hoosier.

Becca runs a freelance writing and communications business, Spoke City Writing, writes poetry, and is an assistant women’s cross country and track coach at IUPUI. In her free time, Becca enjoys running, hiking, reading, planning epic road trips, and finding all the best donut spots.

Follow Becca on Twitter or Instagram and learn more about Spoke City Writing.

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Elizabeth Janczyk

Heartland Connection: Many special memories visiting my Grandmother Anne in Parma Heights, Ohio over the years. Especially loved memories visiting Cedar Point and Amish Country in the summer and the custard!

Elizabeth “Libby” lives in Southern California with her husband, two sons, and two cats. Her debut children’s picture book, OUR HAWAII VACATION, was published by Island Heritage Publishing in June 2020. She is a member of SCBWI and an active CPA.

You can find her on Instagram, her website, and Twitter.

Read Elizabeth’s feature Ma’s Nightgown

Anne H. Putnam

Heartland Connection: I got my BA at Washington University in St Louis.

Anne H Putnam lives in northwest Washington with her husband and their cat. Her first book, Navel Gazing: One Woman’s Quest for a Size Normal, was published by Faber & Faber in the UK in 2013 and her essays have appeared on the popular wedding site A Practical Wedding; she is currently in the final revision stages on her second memoir.

Learn more about Anne and connect with her on Twitter.

Read Anne’s feature, The Illusion of Closure*

TW: Suicidal ideation

Cheney M. Luttich

Heartland Connection: Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I lived in Saint Louis for 7 years after college and then returned to Nebraska. I now live in Omaha and commute to Lincoln for my job as an English professor.

Cheney Luttich grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she now teaches writing at Southeast Community College. She enjoys pizza, traveling with her husband and daughters, and sitting on the bench overlooking Willa Cather Memorial Prairie. In her free time, you can find her reading books and looking at Instagram posts devoted to nineteenth century clothing.

Krista Legge

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Krista has always had a passion to write. She has written many different stories over the years but has never pursued getting them published. Working in the field of education has always been her first focus. She has been working the past 18 years with children with special needs. She has Masters’ Degrees in Special Education and Behavior Analysis. She has utilized books for all of her teaching, from academic to social emotional lessons. As a mother of two young children, she finds books as a gateway to opening conversations. Krista has written articles that were shared throughout school districts on Long Island. Throughout her educational career, she has written many stories for her students, but has finally decided to try and get them published, to share with others.

Connect with Krista on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!

*The current featured piece is published in honor of Self Injury Awareness Day (March 1) and contains potentially triggering content with respect to self injury and suicide. Please do not read this piece if you do not have the mental capacity for these topics.

Terri Clifton

Heartland Connection: Tracing her ancestry to America’s colonial past she is fascinated by the stories of the women who went west and birthed a nation.

Terri Clifton’s short stories have been published in more than a dozen anthologies. Her nonfiction memoir A Random Soldier was published in 2007. She was awarded a fellowship for emerging fiction literature by the DDoA in 2013. She has recently completed a novel and a chapbook of poetry. She lives on a historic farm along the Delaware Bay.

Check out her author page on Facebook.

Rachael Llewellyn

Heartland Connection: No but I’d love to visit!

Rachael Llewellyn is an English novelist. Her previous work includes the Red Creek series (Down Red Creek and Impulse Control, both with Sulis International Press), and her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, including Analogies & Allegories, Tealight Press and Crow & Cross Keys. Her first collection of short fiction, Human Beings, is due for publication with Bear Hill Books in 2020. She is currently a PhD candidate at Swansea University, and is completing her thesis on trauma and memory in folklore.

Connect with her on Twitter.

*TW: Abuse

Melinda Grisco

Heartland Connection: Born and raised in Cincinnati.

Melinda was born in Cincinnati and has lived there over 48 years. She am a Graduate of Antioch Midwest. Melinda has traveled the globe collecting stories.

Connect with her on Facebook.

Amber Spalding

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Amber is currently a third year English student at the University of Suffolk. As an avid bookworm, she enjoys all works of literature but is particularly interested in the gothic genre, speculative fiction and philosophy. Outside of her studies, you will usually find Amber in the library, travelling, or taking sunset pictures. After University, she seeks to continue her studies in American and English Literature, exploring how socio-political factors influence the literary canon.

Connect with her on Instagram.

Linda McMullen

Heartland Connection: From Wisconsin!

Linda McMullen is a wife, mother, diplomat, and homesick Wisconsinite. Her short stories and the occasional poem have appeared in over seventy literary magazines.

Connect with her on Twitter.

Billie Daddario

Heartland Connection: My Grandparents had a farm in Kansas until the dust bowl .

Billie studied writing at both Metro State University and Regis University in Denver Colorado. After spending a few years working in the corporate world now she writes full time and walks her Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Katie.

Check out her website.

Grainne O’Brien

Heartland Connection: Just via the people I love and care about who live there.

Gráinne O’Brien is a Limerick City based writer and bookseller. She is one of the thruple that make up the Silver Apples Magazine team and is about to launch Rontu, a consultancy designed to help new children’s authors find their way in the publishing world. She has just finished an interconnected short story collection called Cordially Invited, inspired by the year she went to thirteen weddings.

Keep up with her on Instagram or Twitter and be sure to check out Silver Apple Magazine.

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Bethan Rees

Heartland Connection: I fell in love with America when I studied my second year abroad in South Dakota – it’s somewhere I’ve always longed to return and have written about the experience and places I visited so much – especially The Badlands which is the most inspiring places I’ve ever been.

Bethan Rees lives in Swindon, Wiltshire and has appeared in Fly on the Wall, Atrium, Persephone’s Daughters, Domestic Cherry, Amaryllis and Three Drops Press. She currently studies MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, runs Wellbeing Writing groups and can be found sharing wellbeing work on: Follow them on Twitter for more info.

Connect with her on Twitter.

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Erin Rounds

Heartland Connection: None, although I grew up in Hartland, Vermont!

Erin is a public school teacher, published children’s book author, and mother to two adventurous children. She majored in Latin American Studies at Fordham University and has her MA in ed from Antioch New England.

Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Shania Kapoor Pride

Heartland Connection: Not directly, but have visited on site visits for work.

Shania Kapoor Pride is a new author and has been a children and families advocate for over 15 years working within government systems and nonprofit organizations. She is an early childhood education professional, passionate about helping young children and families get access to education and resources. She enjoys telling stories to her toddler about patience, acceptance, compassion, and empathy and hopes to spread messages that will inspire and encourage her. A first generation American, she is a strong believer in early childhood education. She received her dual Masters Degree in Education and Counseling from the University of Virginia, Curry School of Education. She grew up in Northern Virginia and currently lives in Philadelphia with her partner, daughter, and Maltese.

Follow her on Twitter.

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Gabrielle Pelayo

Heartland Connection: I was born and raised in Illinois and have lived there my whole life.

Gabrielle Pelayo was born in Hoffman Estates, IL and recently graduated from Hoffman Estates High School. She has been passionate about writing ever since elementary school and has developed her writing style over the years. She has submitted her poetry and excerpts from her in-progress novels to many literary magazines and contests and has been featured in HEHS’s literary magazine, Directions, for four years. Besides contributing to the magazine, she was a member of the magazine’s editing team. She has presented her poetry at her high school’s poetry slams, earning top three twice and an honorable mention once. She is also the first place winner of the Schaumburg Library’s Flash Fiction Contest in 2019 and won in the teen category of the Windy City Bull’s 2020 writing contest. Pelayo is now a freshman at Columbia College Chicago, where she is planning to double major in creative writing and acting and minor in voiceover.

Connect with her on Instagram.

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Mollie Williamson

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Mollie Williamson (she/her) attended Saint Mary’s College of California double majoring in Art History and Women’s Studies in 2013. She then received her Master’s in Women’s Studies from the University of Alabama in 2014. Mollie enjoys writing stories based on fairy tales and mythology. Her work has been featured in The Pinkley Press, Toho Journal, Nightingale & Sparrow, White Wall Review, HerStry, Nymphs Publications, and Nitrogen House with more work forthcoming.

Her website is or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Read Mollie’s feature: The Slipper

Tina E. Anton

Heartland Connection: I moved to Ohio ten years ago and thoroughly enjoy the mid-west sense of community that I have found here.

Tina Anton has been writing short stories and poetry since 2017. She is a graduate of Wright State University. Her work has been published by Weirdyear, Aphelion, Visual Adjectives, and Electric Pulp. She loves spending her free time painting and playing with her Australian Cattle Dog, Furiosa.

Connect with Tina on Twitter.

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Leah Holbrook Sackett

Heartland Connection: I was born and have remained in St. Louis, Mo.

Leah Holbrook Sackett is a short story writer. Her debut book, Swimming Middle River, was published with REaD Lips Press in 2020. It is available on Amazon and in select bookstores. Additionally, her short story, The Family Blend, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize with Crack the Spine. Leah’s work has won various awards such as: the Gold Award in Art Ascent, Two Sisters Publishing Contest, and she was the  recipient of Institute for Women and Gender Studies: Creative Writing Award.

Over 50 of Leah’s stories have appeared in literary journals. She is an adjunct lecturer in the English department and the Communication & Media department at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. This is where she earned her M.F.A. Leah’s short stories explore journeys toward autonomy and the boundaries placed on the individual by society, family, and self. 

Learn more about her published fiction at

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Nina Fosati

Heartland Connection: I spent a year as a costume designer in Sioux City, Iowa.

Nina lives with her husband in Eden, which is aptly known as the “The Garden of Western New York.” Her two flufftastic cats rule the house. The Honorable Cattington von Fluffypants is a majestic Maine Coon, and Squeaks is an affectionate tuxedo who routinely reminds Nina to take breaks by stretching across her keyboard. Nina loves portraiture and historic clothing. Beguiled, she regularly posts her favorites on Twitter @NinaFosati.

Recent work has appeared in JMWW Journal, Nightingale + Sparrow, Oye Drum Magazine, Ellipsis Zine, and Disabled Voices Anthology.

Her website is

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Melody Heald

Heartland Connection: The Heartland Society.

Melody has been writing all of her life. Reading and writing are her passions and she aspires to have a career that involves writing. Her featured poem personifies the freedom she has sought during her life-long battle with depression.

Read Melody’s feature: Into the Universe

Phyllis Greenberg Houseman

Heartland Connection: I lived and worked in Detroit for over 35 years.

Phyllis Houseman was born in Detroit and received a B.S. from the University of Michigan and her Master of Science Education from Wayne State University. She served in the Peace Corps, Ecuador, and then taught Biology and Physical Science in Detroit and California schools. Phyllis has published award winning novels and short stories.

Visit her Amazon Author Page

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