The Little Black Book

2021 Short Story Writing Contest 2nd Place Runner-Up By Lorrie Morales I saw it fall out of his pocket just as we were being shoved and pushed along the aisle of the sky-train. No one else seemed to notice, so I quickly reached down and grabbed the little black book before it was trampled byContinue reading “The Little Black Book”

The Basin

By Cheney M. Luttich We were buried in Wyoming.  My home state of Nebraska and its flat ocean of grass was a day behind.  The pictures passing my backseat window were a rumpled assortment of hills and juvenile cliffs piercing the earth’s epidermis, not yet mature enough to join the rank of Colorado’s Rockies.  TheContinue reading “The Basin”

A Delightful Walk: An Ode to Ross Gay

As we’ve learned, a global pandemic does a lot of things. For me, it has highlighted my greatest joys and juxtaposed them to my greatest sorrows. The last seven months brings to mind life being like a box of chocolates or a bag of jelly beans where one experiences the absolute ecstasy of finding aContinue reading “A Delightful Walk: An Ode to Ross Gay”