By Tiffany Shull-Peterson Drawn in, deeperTo the unknown eyeThoughts unspoken, steep in feelings unacknowledged Dive down, withinTo the dark pools thereWounds packed up, stacked for moving day unscheduled Drown now, beneathToo heavy to swimKeeping secrets on a leash, submerged and quiet


An urban legend retelling inspired by “Killer in the Backseat.” The bell above the door rang out and Lana rolled her eyes. It was five minutes until closing. Forcing a smile, she met the man at the hostess podium and greeted him unenthusiastically. She offered silent thanks when he said he was there for a carry-outContinue reading “FaceTime”

Jordan Yeng

Jordan Yeng felt most awake when his consciousness faded and sleep claimed him. It was the promise of these nightly adventures that kept him going most days. By day, Jordan was scrawny, generally disliked, and often disappointing. Grandmother Yeng, with whom he and his mother lived, frequently remarked that his clumsiness and poor grades wereContinue reading “Jordan Yeng”

Claws and Teeth

Claws are for scratching. Teeth are for biting. Forked tongues are for smelling.  . Deep breath in. Shaking breath out. Repeat. — Sometimes it was a hotel, sometimes a hostel, but tonight it was a roadside motel somewhere on the northeastern coastline. Salty air had disfigured the once vibrant 1970-something paint. The sleepy clerk hadContinue reading “Claws and Teeth”

Last Christmas

December 24, 2015 Her eyes tried to focus through a veil of tears, but the diamond beyond remained a glistening blur. The salted droplets continued to form, poised to roll joyously down her pink tinged cheeks. Tears teetered on the edge of an already smudging mascaraed lash. She lifted her eyes upward. The seasonally litContinue reading “Last Christmas”

True Believers

The mic was on and the producer began the countdown, “5…4…” Xoen nodded to indicate he was ready, “2…1…” the producer pointed to him and mouthed “We’re live!” Xoen took a quick breath, leaned into the mic, and began in his well practiced tone. “Hey out there all you True Believers! It’s just after darkContinue reading “True Believers”