Metal Gear Boyfriend

Adelaide could hardly contain her excitement when her father announced that the Hollingsworth family would attend the Columbian Exposition World’s Fair at Chicago. She spent weeks making lists, reading every newspaper and pamphlet she could, planning which exhibitions she would visit and when. She especially wanted to see electricity and steam powered machines.  “You shouldContinue reading “Metal Gear Boyfriend”

Three Card Spread

The first tarot card Petra drew was the three of wands. The dark tent, lit only by candles dripping with black wax, was like being trapped under a thick blanket. She inhaled incense with every breath, the tangy orange and patchouli notes adding to the weight of being here. But she needed answers. She’d comeContinue reading “Three Card Spread”

Observation Report

“Observe. Do not interfere. Under no circumstances is it acceptable or necessary to interfere with the happenings on Planet X-7984.” -Excerpt from the Project Watership Standard Operations Protocol Manual Personal Observation Log of R.A. 562: Revolution 11,132 This was not so difficult for me when I first began this assignment. Back then I was youngContinue reading “Observation Report”


Charmy could find a beat in anything. It’s why she was such a great percussionist, and it’s why Mr. Luger begged her to join the marching band in eighth grade.  But she couldn’t find a beat in the beep of Aurora’s heart monitor.  Hospitals run on rhythm, but as Charmy rested her head in herContinue reading “Merryweather”

Where the Veil is Thin

Marley didn’t believe in ghosts.  Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She believed in ghosts in the figurative sense, like mistakes that come back to haunt you or people from your past that hold you back. But literal ghosts like those that slam doors or possess cursed objects, well, those didn’t exist.  But there was somethingContinue reading “Where the Veil is Thin”