Wild Gardens

By Hunter Liguore Slowing down time never seems more needed as when we emerge from the cold months and face a new season. All the seasons have a way of acting as checkpoints, the metamorphosing landscape deliberately reminding us of what we’ve done well and what we’ve failed to manifest. It is generally what weContinue reading “Wild Gardens”

Snow Princess

By Tracey Chizoba Fletcher There was a minute of stunned silence. It was soon followed by the sounds of muffled cries as Mrs. Okoro cupped her hands over her mouth. All the hurts and frustrations she had borne for the past fifteen years of marriage, flowed freely like a faucet turned on. She hadn’t daredContinue reading “Snow Princess”


By A.P. Joye January 3rd, 2001 “Name?” The lady raised her eyebrows.  “Lilith Jones.” “There you are.” She announced from behind her desk; the icons on the monitor reflected in her eyes. After signing Lilith in, the lady assured her that it’d only be a moment. Lilith nodded rather than to fill the quiet, sterileContinue reading “Abandoned”

Awakening, Again

By Becca Downs This is the room where I sleep,where I eat bread and butter,where I cry to God and myself. This is where I stare at the ceiling and direct films to replace horrorwith romance, comedy with comedy. This is the window where I watchsquirrels chase other squirrels.It’s new. Before there were no windows. ThisContinue reading “Awakening, Again”

the Wasteland (revisited)

By Kimberly Madura She stands in a wasteland of her  own making. Not for lack of water, but because she chooses to remain unquenchable. She desperately needs to be  satiated by this rainstorm, but she has a  fear of rain. Take the water before it is too late, I plead with her, before the fireContinue reading “the Wasteland (revisited)”


By Adele O’Grady Botticelli The SUV skidded on the sand, sprinkled like flour on a baker’s board along the tar road, as Jack braked to a stop in front of the grey shingled, rusty-red trimmed gate house. The July sun beat down on his truck as he leaned over to address the woman ranger, sittingContinue reading “Surfcasters”


By Hameedah Aruwa ‘& isn’t life a tale of streetlights?’ I ponder, as I tread the stony road that leads to home. I swoon in the  balminess of the crispy breeze stroking every inch of my skin– every swoosh compels me to swerve  my slender body, to the wind’s shallowbeats. I deduce that the skies are indifferent:Silent & dark.Continue reading “Streetlights”

My Deepest Darkest Secret

By Anne H. Putnam CW: Mention of cutting and other emotional distress; swearing “What’s…your…deepest…darkest…secret?” The tall, slender blonde was slowly making her way around the small yoga studio, padding silently in bare feet, her leggings pulled halfway down each foot in a style that mimicked the way ‘cute’ girls would keep their hands in theContinue reading “My Deepest Darkest Secret”

The Late Hour

By Marjie Giffin The Late Hour arrives early it seems and pits meagainst the digital clock face that dares me to defy its logic.Defy it I must, for there are no hoursfor my own doings and yearningsunless I scavenge them from theriff-raff moments of the end of day. I am used to the scraps of life,asContinue reading “The Late Hour”