Koala and Turtle Become Friends

By Shania Kapoor Pride Illustrations by Heena Kapoor Koala wanted to play with her friends.   She went outside and climbed to the top of a eucalyptus tree. She looked around but did not see any other koalas.   Feeling sad, she started to slide down the tree trunk.  Suddenly, she spotted a turtle! Yay!Continue reading “Koala and Turtle Become Friends”

The Play in Playground

By Gabrielle Pelayo “Childhood. It is a time where individuals are youthful and free to explore the world around them. Imagination runs rampant through a child’s mind and lets them soar to new heights.” Sophia pondered over the opening quote for a moment as she sat in her comfortable blue chair in her living room.Continue reading “The Play in Playground”

Yellow Windbreaker

By: Tina E. Anton You hear the playful shriek of children on the beachfront. You could pull back the window drape and watch them romp while reminiscing on your own childhood, but you are old, and you know better. Knuckles that are gnarled and ache before the summer rains have turned white from your gripContinue reading “Yellow Windbreaker”

A Lesson in Cultural Priorities

By: Phyllis Greenberg Houseman In the summer of 1962, I traveled to Ecuador as part of a Peace Corps Volunteer group of science and math teachers. First, we trained for two months at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus. Half-way through the course, our small team had the honor of meeting President John KennedyContinue reading “A Lesson in Cultural Priorities”