Fly High

2021 Short Story Writing Contest Grand Prize Winner By: Sara E. Belanger “He needs a heart transplant.” Those were the only words Josephine heard. Tears stung her eyes as she peered through glass windows at her son, Simon. His chocolate hair grew uneven and choppy as a stark reminder that she had tried to cutContinue reading “Fly High”

Feature: Becca Downs

Caged-Tiger the Tide Pools Early Taboos Learn more about Becca in her bio on our Featured Authors page.

Ma’s Nightgown

By Elizabeth Janczyk Long nightdress, loosely hung. Soft red flannel, slept in and worn out. Floating over tired bare feet, puttering across the cool kitchen tiles. Patio lounger with reheated black coffee, and Sunday’s paper, scattered. Morning sun warms plaid fabric sleeves against aging, freckled skin. The same faded sleeves I clung to After aContinue reading “Ma’s Nightgown”

Emptying Cups

When I walked awayThe cups tipped over into the waterA mess I’ve selfishly madeI didn’t want to hold the cups anymoreMy hands were tiredAnd you struck at me when I dropped oneOn accident I wade through concreteTrying to find some sympathyI am AnubisWeighing my heart against yoursTo see whose is heavierAnd at what costWhile youContinue reading “Emptying Cups”


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