destined repetition

By Gabrielle Hamel TW: Sexual assault a young woman, frail and fragile, presses her palms into the frame of a vanityvanity – to love oneself or to lose oneself? if she is not her own, whose is she?she inhales sharply.  a stranger tugs intently at the back of a corset designed to minimize – toContinue reading “destined repetition”

A Lilac Year

By Christie Cochrell It was a lilac year, their last year of high school, the year Rosa’s mother was dying.  All that spring Franny felt lost, left out, unable to get close to Rosa, her oldest and dearest friend.  Worse still, she felt resentful too, for all the losses of things slipping past while herContinue reading “A Lilac Year”

Enough Already

By Rae Mosher CW: discontent with body Maya stood on the treadmill crying. She had been here for 10 minutes now. Not sobbing violent and ugly, not one tear rolling down her cheek like a falling petal, just crying. She hated running. She was pissed as hell that she had to do this. But sheContinue reading “Enough Already”


a haiku By Kelli Heil Give me iced coffee Dark, cold, icy liquid pours Everything is fine Learn more about Kelli in her bio on the Featured Authors Page.


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