Fascia Dreaming

By Kaitlynn McShea I dreamt about fascia again last night–how its synovial hardeningand gooey hydrationis akin to the Elmer’s gluewe used in school,pressing it on our pencil boxesto make bookmarks,sliding it on the pads of our fingersto make fingerprints. How it can be used to fix or to adhere,how my body holds stories as muchContinue reading “Fascia Dreaming”


By Debbie Hewson I woke up, and the house was sunny, it was late, and I had slept on, my eyes newly open from sleep, squinted in the brightness.  My feet, slipping out of the covers and onto the carpet, toes warm and soft, walking through the squares of light and shadow on the carpet,Continue reading “Memory”


By Bianca Marie Nery We stand Side by side But in stark contrast To one another, Our love A vague mixture Of words And tangled limbs Between small promises And lengthy lies Dressed up in The sweetest words Whispered through The cracks Of the walls We hide behind. Learn more about Bianca in her bioContinue reading “Vague”

Street Scuzz

By Paige Wyatt I consecrate the sidewalk outside the Circuit Board with my stomach contents, adding to the legendary bodily fluids that have been spilled before me.  Sonny, my producer, watches me, his dark-lined eyes fixating on where I ralphed. He knows I’m scared, and in classic Sonny fashion, he tries to distract me.“Hey Scuzz,Continue reading “Street Scuzz”


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