Horsepen Mountain

By Melinda Grisco Horsepen Mountain has many unhappy ghosts, dark secrets and good soil on the steep slopes. The road going through the area is so winding folks say, “you meet yourself coming and going”. It is a treacherous place to walk or drive even in good weather. Many cars and trucks have gone overContinue reading “Horsepen Mountain”


By Amber Spalding he wears that sweater you like. the one with blue and white stripes, reminding you of your  youth, your innocence  and those family seaside holidays you adored. . these memories are so vivid you can almost taste them, the taste of mischievous sand in your sandwiches  and the smell of sun creamContinue reading “Homesick”

I Know Why the Fox Runs

By Linda McMullen I was the thirteenth princess of my line, and the only one to come to grief.   My parents, the King and Queen, taught my sisters and me to be true and kind, to ask questions, and to venerate the spirits of the sky. Father advised us to use our talents wisely. MotherContinue reading “I Know Why the Fox Runs”


By Billie Daddario Zephyr winds cause pines and aspen to dance Bright hot sun lay languid shadows on rocks A woodpecker and an owl fracture errant solitude Reptile sunning myself against warm smooth granite A million years of ephemeral contractions  Decay becomes fodder becomes decay Exhale creation  Excellence, perfection, flawless  Summer Learn more about BillieContinue reading “Zephyr”


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