Restless Nell

By Kaitlynn McShea There was nothing wrong with Nell. She was neither blind nor deaf, and she had no diseases to speak of. She had been admitted to the nursing home against her will, which she told the doctors and nurses every chance she could. When pestered about it, her estranged children only stated thatContinue reading “Restless Nell”

The Late Hour

By Marjie Giffin The Late Hour arrives early it seems and pits meagainst the digital clock face that dares me to defy its logic.Defy it I must, for there are no hoursfor my own doings and yearningsunless I scavenge them from theriff-raff moments of the end of day. I am used to the scraps of life,asContinue reading “The Late Hour”

Take a Stand

By Kim Bundy Paul finished his ham biscuit and drained his Bloody Mary, even though he wasn’t much of a drinker. He was standing in Gloria’s dining room on the morning of her funeral, hoping the vodka might tame his nerves. He tried to ease out of the room past Jay, Gloria’s older son, whoContinue reading “Take a Stand”

Ways to Lose Me

By Esty Loveing-Downes CW: language Send me three dozen roses to carry around school all day. Make people stare.Pressure me to stay the night and after I leave, fuck the girl you claim is obsessed with you. Blame me.Send a buddy to ask me out. Lay your tongue inside my mouth like a thick, motionlessContinue reading “Ways to Lose Me”


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