Spit On It

By: Leah Holbrook Sackett Nancy wailed like any baby when wet or hungry. She grew into her quiet phase. Her Dad said Nancy had a soft mouth, then rained down kisses and praise for keeping a cool head. Dad was a union negotiator for Sweetgum County, he earned his living among the loud and willful.Continue reading “Spit On It”

Delightfully Weird

I am a weird person. If you really get to know someone, you’ll realize we all have weird traits and habits. I can name something really weird about almost everyone I know. My best friend must always have the volume at a number that ends in a zero or a five. My husband likes toContinue reading “Delightfully Weird”

Letters to Remy

The thought of focusing on and writing about a delight was a daunting endeavor. When the theme was revealed, I joked that I delighted in nothing. Although that sounds dramatic, I do tend to cycle through moods varying from mild amusement to extreme anxiety. Regardless, I put myself to task and decided to expand anContinue reading “Letters to Remy”


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