Aisha Rose

Meet HLWW Guest Author:

Aisha Rose

Where did you get your inspiration for your journals?

I started writing in journals in middle school after a good friend gifted one to me for Christmas. Since then, I’ve always journaled as a way to get through life, trauma and to document life as well. When I divorced in 2019, I went on an intense personal journey of healing that I documented often on my Instagram story. So many women reached out to me asking me what I was reading and doing to get through it and to get through it with so much grace (their words, not mine lol) and I was taking myself through my own steps of healing I established. So once I found myself in a good place on this journey, I decided the best way to package up what I had done was to put it in a journal, since journaling was a huge part of this journey. The Healing Journal was birthed from this work. 

Tell us about your biggest passion project that isn’t writing related.

My health journey is a HUGE passion project of mine! I have had so many health issues through the years from my teens and I’ve tried to really reverse and minimize my symptoms through healthy lifestyle habits including eating, exercising and meditation. I am my best self when I am being mindful and intentional in this space and love sharing the knowledge and practices I’ve learned with others. This is extremely important to me in the African American community as well because the generation before us (our parents) didn’t necessarily have these tools, knowledge or even resources at their disposal to pass down. So it’s important for me to show alternatives that still TASTE GOOD because that’s often why people don’t want to try something new. So food, I’m pretty passionate about that. 

Who is one woman writer you recommend everyone support/read?

Hands down, I recommend Bell Hooks to anyone, especially women. The way she writes so plain and in a way that lands in a place of familiarity and understanding is amazing. I feel so seen in her words and she often gives my feelings and experiences words in a way I didn’t know was possible. One book I recommend is “All About Love”. I’ve been reading and re-reading it for a few months now and was drawn in from the start. 

What piece of advice would you give to a woman who would like to use writing for self-improvement/healing?

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. People are often taken back with how much I’m willing to share but there’s so much healing, learning and unlearning in my sharing that I have grown to be vulnerable and speak only from my heart. At times, we can get intimidated, even with writing, about how something sounds or if “it’s too much” but if it’s true and real to you–always speak from that place and you’ll never go wrong. 

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