By Roseline Mgbodichinma
CW: sexual harassment, gaslighting

On the night the dark muscular man called me 

Rubbed my thighs and teased my back rolls with 

          His fork-shaped hands,

Asking me about numbers and scores on the excel sheet

I curled into different frames of myself, 

Like how you wonder if the Monalisa is smiling or throwing you a threat

            From the side of the room,

Hands shooing away hands beneath wooden tables,

My brain – a stream of unconsciousness

This was where shock emanated, 

              I ran into thickness 

With Rose thorns tattooing my skin

    I paused to catch my breath on the walkway 

Knee almost on coal tar,

A hand cupping the 360 of my waist, whispering – are you scared of the dark?

A man full of desire is legion

No saving, only swine

His voice lowered by wanting, speaking testaments into my ears

The flowers, wind & grass bore witness 

I wanted to scream and silence seized my 


After the split of minutes, I muttered a weak plea 

         then I fled into the dark

years later, my phone beeps: You said I tried to rape you when I was just making advances

Me: I am sorry I lied


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