The Bisexual Girl You See in Movies is Truly Bisexual and Nothing Else

By Halle Preneta

The bi girl

you see in movies

is truly bisexual.

She isn’t straight.

She isn’t gay.

She’s bisexual.


End of story.

She finds the guy 

in the back of the classroom

with trimmed short brown hair

that swoops over this forehead 

and that sly smile he gets

when one of his friends is presenting 

at the front of the room, trying

to get him to laugh 

just as attractive as the girl

in front of her

who wears flannels and t-shirts

just about everyday. 

Her long brown hair flowing past her shoulders 

as her arms rest on the desk in front of her,

her dark tattoos on her light skin peeking

out from under her clothes

just a little.

It’s cute.

They’re cute.

And she finds them both cute

because she’s bisexual

and nothing else

and no one can 

change that.

No magic spell,

no weird thing you 

put in her drink,

absolutely nothing can

change the fact that

she is bisexual

and beautiful

and amazing

and real.


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