Emptying Cups

When I walked away
The cups tipped over into the water
A mess I’ve selfishly made
I didn’t want to hold the cups anymore
My hands were tired
And you struck at me when I dropped one
On accident

I wade through concrete
Trying to find some sympathy
I am Anubis
Weighing my heart against yours
To see whose is heavier
And at what cost
While you are Thoth
Keeping count of my transgressions
Adding weight against the feather
To make sure you are right

I used to think
My empty cups were pain and weakness
But as I look at the sunglasses resting on your head
A crown of modern victory laurels
Glinting in the blaze of early sun
You smile because you’ve won
And I’m sure that letting go of those cups
Taking my heart off of that scale
Was the best decision
I ever made


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