Koala and Turtle Become Friends

By Shania Kapoor Pride
Illustrations by Heena Kapoor

Koala wanted to play with her friends.  

She went outside and climbed to the top of a eucalyptus tree. She looked around but did not see any other koalas.  

Feeling sad, she started to slide down the tree trunk. 

Suddenly, she spotted a turtle!

Yay! She was excited to find a friend to play with after all. 

“Hi!” she yelled down to Turtle.

Turtle looked up and walked away as fast as possible.

That night, Koala told her mom she was sad that the turtle didn’t want to be friends.

Her mom suggested she try to be gentler with the turtle next time.  

The next day, Koala saw Turtle again!

Instead of yelling, she thought she would try to be gentle.

She slowly approached Turtle to give her a hug.

Turtle slipped into her shell and did not come out until Koala went away.

Koala was very sad that night.

When her mom asked why she told her this time Turtle went inside her shell and would not come out.

Koala’s mom said, “Sometimes when we are different from others, they are scared of us. Turtle might need some time to feel comfortable around you. Try to be more patient.”

So the next day, Koala just smiled at the turtle when she saw her. Turtle crawled closer and said, “Hi!” 

Koala was so happy, she slid down and went to Turtle. They hugged and became best friends.

Learn more about Shania in her bio on the Featured Authors page.

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