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Can’t Walk Away

Nina Fosati / Romance / September 21 2020

Vickie wasn’t a hard core Women’s Liber, but the notion of being a DJ appealed to her. Even though she had no experience, she auditioned for the college radio station. The manager said she had a sexy voice. When she was ready, he’d give her the 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. slot.

He introduced her to Moondog who trained Vickie by having her watch while he ran his radio show. She liked his easy, unaffected confidence. His neatly trimmed red beard made a striking contrast with his fair hair. Running the soundboard seemed direct enough. She was eager to try. He insisted she stand rather than sit when she spoke into the microphone. It was better for breath control. He stood behind her ready to turn a dial or press the correct button if she got flustered. His closeness was a distraction. Vickie shook the bangs out of her eyes and focused on her task.

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